January 7, 2021


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All Good Just a Week Ago

All Good Just a Week Ago is a new book by authors Erika McCall and Neisha Forbes. If you’re looking for a good laugh while staying ahead of the game, check out it out!


Richer Prior

Richer Prior is the brand behind the rapper, Rich P. Evolon. He has created an entire culture around thinking rich! Check out some of his merchandise.


Peoria Gold Teeth and More

Peoria Gold Teeth and More is a Peoria based jewelry and gold teeth merchant owned by Demario Humes! Check them out when you’re ready to put your money where your mouth is!


Rio's Flash Photography

Rio’s Flash Photography is a professional photography company. Need wedding or special event photos? Check them out!


Queen MI

Queen MI is an online shop for people of all ages. They have a great selection of outfits to check out as well as personal care products.


Ralph Roofing

Ralph Roofing is a quality construction company serving the greater Peoria area. Check them out for roofing or repair work!


Just Be Somebody

Just Be Somebody is a community organization focusing around the youth in Peoria and founded by Bobby Ford.


Go For Yours

Go For Yours is a foundation by Erika R. McCall with the goal of helping young people find their purpose in life!